• The new web-based knowledge hub Farm Health Online provides practical advice and information on positive health and welfare planning and management to farmers, advisors, and veterinarians. It is funded by the USA-based Animal Welfare Approved  (AWA) programme and managed by the Rural Business School. With an emphasis on sustainability and grounded in sound science, the site will contain comprehensive up-to-date guide of relevant diseases affecting cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry detailing the condition, aetiology and best practice methods of control and prevention, all presented in an accessible and user-friendly format. Farm Health Online will rejuvenate, re-focus and transform the much-used albeit now out-dated Organic Vet website into a modern, practical, knowledge hub that meet the needs of sustainable farming today.

  • The report published by the HGCA on the nationwide Legume LINK project LK09106, (funded by Defra), has revealed some interesting findings, including that the three best multifunctional legume and grass mixtures all contained black medic, lucerne and red clover and that white clover in particular was outscored by other legume species on parameters such as early development and resistance to decomposition. See projects page for more information.

  • Two key outputs of the Low Carbon Farming project have been a handbook and a carbon footprint calculator (FCAT) as well as information sheets on topics such as carbon footprinting, climate change in agriculture and growing your own energy.